Confessions of a Post-Spiritual Maverick .... a sort of memoir



What People Are Saying About Eddie Blatt's Writings:

Wait for it!.....Here It Comes!.........I LOOVVED IT!! If the description of who he is, is all the author is inspired to write for this book I think it'd be enough. It's funny, honest, easy and other words I can't think of right now.
                                                                          Daniela Brent – counsellor

If you think you might enjoy watching someone psychologically disrobe in public, this book is for you.         
                                                                  Brian Emmett – Psychotherapist
Pro writing at its best….. Eddie Blatt’s work inspires and brings the craft of writing to life for the reader.
                                                                              Kandie Rosales - author

No amount of savoir-faire can save the self-indulgent and superficial nature of this pretentious author. Eddie Blatt clearly has his head firmly entrenched up his ass. I’m amazed he had the chutzpah to write this book!

Eddie Blatt, BSc(Hons), PhD, GradDipEd
 –  scientist, teacher, musician, champion
athlete, chess player, poet, author, etc.

Eddie is handsome and very clever, but I have no idea what he is writing about. Fortunately, he had a good education and can go back to being a scientist.
                                                                     Esther Blatt – author’s mother