Confessions of a Post-Spiritual Maverick .... a sort of memoir



Eddie Blatt is on stage with a naked stripper having sex in front of a crowd of rowdy men in a Kings Cross club.
            “Where’re you from?” the stripper asks him.
            “Melbourne,” he replies.
            “How about that?” she says, “I’m from Ballarat.”
            “Yeah? That’s pretty close to Melbourne.”
            “You’re not wrong.”
An hour later Eddie is digesting a McDonald's Happy Meal with fries.
While in a local sports club eating a steak that chews in the mouth like old leather boots, Eddie is having an epiphany. Even after spending 20 minutes in the toilet defecating strange food-like objects out of his backside, he realises that nothing matters and no event can impinge on his state of effortless contentment. Meanwhile, the band sings Harry Nilsson’s classic song about co-dependent relationships: "I can’t live if living is without you..."
From indulging in the company of bar-girls in Patong, Thailand, to working as a research scientist in the same institute as a Nobel Laureate; from confronting a Christian fundamentalist proclaiming the Jews killed Jesus, to debating the importance of living a Jewish life with the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem; from being interrogated by the spiritual community he lives in for the self-indulgent sin of buying a sports car, to having his ego uploaded onto the Internet; from ending up in a psychiatric hospital after taking 4 car-sickness tablets at a party, to performing as a concert classical guitarist; Eddie reveals the fun and the foibles playing out bit parts on an imaginary stage we call life.

The thing is, Eddie believes in nothing and no one believes him.

But it wasn’t always that way.

In the 50s and 60s, he grew up in an Italian neighbourhood in an inner suburb of Melbourne. When he was playing with the Italian boy who lived on the other side of the fence, a question appeared in his mind. "If Australia and Italy go to war, do we have to fight each other?" In that moment he became aware that people distinguished themselves from others, not only by their physical characteristics but by what they believed in, and what nationality, religion or culture they identified with.

Navigating a course through the conventional paths of career, marriage and the acquisition of worldly possessions, Eddie came across a spiritual adept who instigated a fundamental shift in his awareness from that of the confines of scientific materialism to the freedom of boundless consciousness. He eventually reclaimed the understanding he enjoyed as a child that all beliefs are arbitrary and divisive, and even in a world where much is seemingly to the contrary, every thing is exactly as it is meant to be.

Vignettes, short stories, essays and poetry are used in this memoir as the means for communicating who Eddie is, the divisive nature of beliefs and the futility of seeking happiness.


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