Confessions of a Post-Spiritual Maverick .... a sort of memoir



(February, 2011)

'The fear of being laughed at makes cowards of us all.'
--- Mignon McLaughlin ---

What if a person knows for certain there is nothing he can do to overcome the incessant chatter of his mind, or the conflicting emotions he habitually experiences, or the negative feelings he regularly feels? What if he realizes there is no-one who can show him how to overcome these difficulties - how to no longer be troubled by his addictive qualities altogether? What if this man comes to the conclusion that no such thing as a process leading to absolute happiness exists; that every word on the subject and every practice devised to attain it are ultimately fruitless? If such a day arrives, and he stands alone in the midst of infinity with no authority to turn to for spiritual direction, and no path to pursue, what would he do?
        Would he become depressed and seek the services of a psychologist or psychiatrist, or would he simply indulge in materialistic pursuits? Would he entertain the ruminations of others wanting to convince him that he was deluded - that there really was a path to happiness or a spiritual teacher that could bestow on him the freedom he sought? Maybe they could convince him that he just hadn't yet found that teacher or path. Or worse, he had found them but did not make the required commitment.
        Perhaps this same man would come to the conclusion that no one has that unique something he doesn't have - that something which, if he did have, would render him absolutely free of all delusion and suffering. He might see that the way things are is exactly the way they are meant to be; that however he experiences existence, and wherever he finds himself to be, in whatever state, is the reality he seems to seek. Spirituality in the forms he previously encountered, and in every spiritual teacher, teaching and community he had come across, would be understood as forever changing entities, destined to die as every thing and every idea does. He might even proclaim that every opinion he ever espoused about the truth came from a limited point of view and would thus always fall short of the mark, as all such points of view must.
        What if this man's beliefs about everything evaporated and he had no questions left to ask?

Eddie Blatt is such a man. He is the post-spiritual maverick, with nowhere to go and no-one to turn to. He is no different to anyone else.

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