Confessions of a Post-Spiritual Maverick .... a sort of memoir




Eddie Blatt is an imposter created by his imagination.

While trying to discover who he is in this life, he worked as a research scientist in the same institute as a Nobel Laureate; he beat the Australian chess champion in a game of lightning chess; he was a Victorian junior sprint champion; he performed and recorded as a classical guitarist and played electric guitar in a number of rock bands; he was part of a sex show in King’s Cross in Sydney; his wife ran off with a bloke who later had a sex-change operation; he squandered 6 months of his life gambling in illegal card-houses after dropping out of Uni; he spent seven weeks in a psychiatric hospital; and he was a devotee of an American guru for 10 years - among other things.

Eddie has made money as a scientist, high-school teacher, tutor, musician, web-page designer, insurance clerk, dishwasher, gambler, thief, and dole-bludger. He also worked as a storeman in a clothes factory and nearly became an encyclopaedia salesman.

Other people have called him overly serious, arrogant, superficial, self-righteous, an asshole, a self-righteous asshole, intelligent, a genius, a fool, and all manner of improper things. His mother thinks he’s handsome and very clever.

Eddie now spends a good deal of time feeling superior to others. He has a condition known as ‘selective memory’, which he feels enhanced this memoir immeasurably. He can usually be found somewhere else.


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NOTE: This memoir is not complete.
The web-site was created in order to generate
interest in the Post-Spiritual Maverick's writings
and to provide a forum for comments.

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